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War plan background and ranking (theoretical)
The war strategy theory is as follows:

Everyone attacks once, easy targets for max stars.   
Ideally, we want the lower ranking members to go first, work our way up.
At the 12 hour mark, everyone SHOULD have attacked once.   
We regroup and clean up most stars (sometimes skipping top 1 or 2).

1st war plan takes the targets into consideration.   We haven't really executed this once yet, but almost there.

I rank th9s and th10s based on golem/pekka/farm capacity/cc capacity.  They are considered one group.

I rank th8s base on dragon/hogs/farm capacity/cc capacity.  Memel and Michelle Cute have shown me that I need to take golem/pekka into consideration.   There is a HUGE difference between our TH8s.   Some (Chris *cough*) have only focused on dragons.  

Th7s and below are ranked also by dragons (Lvl2) then farms/cc.

f50 had a few 100% wars.   Granted, it was th6s to th8s, but those strategies work.   I think th8s/th9s/th10s make it hard to plan.   

War defense ranking (Done by SuperCell in COC) has ZERO to do with our offensive ranking.   We saw some people that join temporarily that were th10s and th9s that had great defense but had horrible offense.   We also saw some th9s/th10s that had horrible defense but ranked much higher in offense.   I mean horrible offense/defense purely based on troop levels and structure levels.   Strategy in war hasn't been ranked (Although if we did, Chief Flint and MCMoney rank the highest by far).   

Again, thoughts?
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